Brighton IT Support

Advice Helpdesk Installations
Want to pick our brains? We love our work and are happy to provide free phone, email and in person advice with no obligation.

We are comfortable breaking down complex IT issues for you to assess and work out a strategy moving forwards.

Our IT helpdesk is staffed 8am to 6pm, 7 days per week available via email or telephone.

Using Virtual Private Networks and Remote Support Software we are able to quickly and securely support our customer's computers without the delay and cost of site visits.
Everything from a small upgrade to a whole network of servers, computers, phones, tablets, laptops services and software spanning multiple locations. Brighton IT Support has the skills and knowledge required to provide what you need.
IP Telephony Security Servers & Cloud
IP Telephony allows the use of standard broadband and networking infrastructure to make and receive telephone calls. A basic ADSL broadband connection can support many concurrent calls and more functionality at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX with ISDN.

We can provide and support such a phone system either cloud hosted or on-site.
A secure network makes appropriate use of many technologies and strategies such password policies, network policies, encryption, firewalls, VLANs, antivirus, content filtering etc.

Our team take an active interest in network security, we can ensure your network and hosted services have the correct provisions in place to best protect your data.
Server, Cloud Apps, Virtualisation, Hybrid Setups etc. We can help you navigate the technical jargon to find the technologies which best fit your needs.
Business Continuity Repairs Monitoring
Business continuity is one of the most important elements of systems design. Without good strategy, mechanism and monitoring in place the danger of data loss is high. We can help you work out how to best protect your business from this risk. We are experienced in all hardware and software computer repairs. We can also recommend an excellent printer engineer. We provide network monitoring and notification for critical components of our customers computers systems. By doing this we ensure quicker diagnosis in the event of problems, in many cases resolving issues before they have been reported.